Otome Challenge, Day 1

1) What is the first otome game you ever played? Who is the first character you went for and how did you react?

The first Otome game I ever played was:


Always Remember me. I remember discovering this game on a rainy day with nothing to do about four years ago now. I wanted to play something with anime styled art and chose this. I quickly became addicted to it because it was like reading an interactive book where you (the player) got to make choices that would affect the outcome.

As for my first conquest:


The handsome, blond doctor, Eddy Rayner.

I did want to go for her boyfriend, Aaron, but whatsherface, Abigail annoyed me too much to pursue his route. Of course, I didn’t get the best ending right away! It took a few tries, until I eventually managed to get Eddy’s route.  He was sooooo charming~~~ and blond. I have a thing for blond doctors. XD Anyways, he was realllyyyy cute! I kind of want to replay this game again! ^^

30 Day Otome Game Challenge!

  1. What is the first otome game you ever played? Who is the first character you went for and how did you react?
  2. How long have you been playing otome games now? What made you decide to play an otome game for the very first time? Was it someone else or did you stumble onto it through some other means?
  3. What is the preferred platform for your otome gaming? Why?
  4. To GREE or not to GREE?
  5. What language(s) do you play otome games in? Are you fluent in all of them? If not, how do you play them?
  6. What are your turn-ons and turn-offs for an otome game? What would keep you hooked or make you stop playing for good?
  7. Who is your favorite otome guy personality type (e.g., tsundere, quiet, older guy, etc.)? What attracts you most about them?
  8. What are your favorite bachelor color/style features (i.e., hair, eyes, clothes, amount of skin showing, etc.) and what characteristics do you prefer (e.g., good cook, funny, takes good care of the MC, etc.)?
  9. What MC do you feel the most connected to/do you feel best relates to your own personality and character? What game is she from and why?
  10. Who is your favorite non-cannon otome couple (can extend across games)? Show us a picture!
  11. Who is your favorite otome side-kick (the MC’s or one of the bachelor’s)? Show us a picture!
  12. Who is your least favorite rival girl from an otome game? Show us a picture!
  13. What is your favorite quote from an otome game? Who said it/who did it in involve and when did it take place?
  14. What is your favorite scene from an otome game? Who said it/who did it in involve and when did it take place?
  15. What are your top three favorite otome games? Why?
  16. Who is your favorite otome company (e.g., NTT Solmare or Idea Factory) and why?
  17. What are your top three otome-related blogs?
  18. If you could change one ending to any otome game or route/bachelor, what game would it be and what would you change?
  19. What is your favorite MC outfit/look? Show us a picture!
  20. What is your favorite bachelor outfit/look? Show us a picture!
  21. Who is the first otome guy you fell in love with? Now find a real-life look-a-like for him!
  22. If you were the MC of an otome game, what would you be like? Draw us a picture! What would be your personality/looks/traits and what game would you write yourself into? How do you think the bachelors would react?
  23. Who knows about your otome addictions?
  24. If you could have any otome bachelor for your real life boyfriend, who would it be and why?
  25. Give us two Dirty Little Secrets about your otome gaming.
  26. What is your most embarrassing memory or moment that happened when you were playing an otome game?
  27. Write a short, mini fanfic invoking yourself as the MC and your favorite otome bachelor. Tag it!
  28. Make up your own otome game! What’s the MC like (appearance/traits/personality)? Who are the bachelors she could go after? What’s the basic plot of the otome game? Be as specific as possible!
  29. Find a bachelor you like from one of your favorite otome games and message them a short fanfic or scene involving your two characters (Feel free to be creative and/or a little weird!)
  30. Be honest: How do you react to those hot and fluffy scenes or the passionate kiss scenes? (Draw us a picture of your reaction!)

    I’ll be starting this tomorrow!

はじめまして! Nice to meet you!

Hayashi Sayomi

This is my mascot, Sayomi-chan!


I’m quite new at this, but I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now.

I’ll be blogging about my interests/hobbies and who knows what else. If your interests are like mine, feel free to comment and start a conversation! 日本語も話します!

My interests lie in Anime, manga/manhwa, Asian Dramas (Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese…), Kpop/Jpop (Asian music), video games (I play tons of Otome VNs), and I love to write fanfiction and my own stuff! I also like to draw as well!