Summer Shows Speal~


I have fallen quite deep into the world of Marvel! I had an Avengers marathon just the other week and I’ve been watching some cartoon shows on Netflix. Lately, it’s been X-Men. I LOVE IT~!


Speaking of my Marvel-obsession, I also went to go see Guardians of

the Galaxy just yesterday with a few friends. I must say, I knew that the visuals were going to be pretty, (as shown from other Marvel movies~), but MY GOODNESS, it was such a thrill-ride of a plot it was wonderful! I laughed, I cried, I felt angry…It was a really good movie! I’d definitely recommend it! (I AM GROOT.) I cannot wait for Marvel’s next movie! I have too much fun watching these movies…but I can’t help it~! ^^;





My summer is almost over, I only regret that I have not watched as many dramas and anime as I wanted to…I still have two weeks, but I feel like it’s not much time. In the meantime, I’m going to make an effort to watch and finish:

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

It has my beloved Myungsoo Oppa! He may…be…the reason I’m watching it, but it’s a pretty good drama in itself!

As well as start on:


The Night Watchman’s Journal

It just started this week! I am a sucker for Historical dramas, as well as for cute guys in traditional garb, seriously~~!! I cannot wait~!

I did manage to finish one on my list earlier this summer:

My Love From Another Star

Oh, my feels! I watched it back when it was barely airing, but I got caught up with school and stuff, so I didn’t have a chance to finish it until now. I am pretty darn happy they are making a 2nd season, I just hope it’s good. Oh, Do Min Joon! Where do I start? Kim Soohyun played him wonderfully! (That, and he is gorgeous!) His character is one of my ideal types~, well-read,  intelligent, protective and caring! My heart beat so fast~! I want to see more of their relationship develop more!! ^^

AND a Korean movie to top it off:

A Werewolf Boy

Where do I start…? This movie is a roller coaster of feels!!!! T^T But I LOVED IT SO MUCH! This is why I love Song Joong Ki dearly! He played his role so well, I felt like he was actually real! I don’t think I am emotionally or mentally prepared to rewatch this movie just yet though…The OST was really good too, as well as the visuals! Very good movie overall. I’d recommend at least watching it once, maybe when you’re by yourself, able to shed tears, because YOU WILL.


As for anime, I’ve been watching on and off this summer:


When I first came across this one, I did not expect to be hooked, honestly, I watched it out of curiosity! Man, I was hooked from episode one! It’s an interesting concept of it all, and guess who’s to blame for the mess in the first place? That’s right, Mr. I-like-to-live-a-little-and-create-new-tech Tony Stark. Can’t place the blame on him completely though, he didn’t know his DISKs would be used for evil purposes! The kids themselves are kinda cool. They are all different and unique and are paired with an Avenger. Most of the heroes in the Marvel-verse have been trapped in the DISKs, but there some that escaped that, like Spider-Man and Wolverine, that I know of so far. It gets pretty addicting.



So, I have heard that are some complaints on the show and the way they did things, but I personally like it. (Except, I like the Miracle Romance Opening better~). I think the 3D transformation scenes are cool, and the art is revamped~ (It’s a remake, of course it’s going to be different). Although, I don’t think Mamo-chan should be wearing a tux in broad daylight (where are his regular clothes?) Other than that, I’m enjoying it. I have a soft spot for Sailor Moon since I grew up watching her when I was a child~ Tuxedo Kamen-sama was my childhood crush/prince! (I watched the third episode while typing this up!)

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

I was pretty excited for this since I absolutely adore Black Butler! I’ve only managed to see the first episode as of now though… ^^; I wasn’t a big fan of the 2nd season, so I hope I like this one a lot more!








Well, I think I will go catch up on some shows! Maybe watch a season a day, something like that~! Thanks for reading~!



はじめまして! Nice to meet you!

Hayashi Sayomi

This is my mascot, Sayomi-chan!


I’m quite new at this, but I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now.

I’ll be blogging about my interests/hobbies and who knows what else. If your interests are like mine, feel free to comment and start a conversation! 日本語も話します!

My interests lie in Anime, manga/manhwa, Asian Dramas (Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese…), Kpop/Jpop (Asian music), video games (I play tons of Otome VNs), and I love to write fanfiction and my own stuff! I also like to draw as well!